Two glowing orbs track each other in the night
A dance of light that plays upon the damp and misty gloaming
As realization of a truth, known by few and all alike,
We attach—and spark!
And then ignite

We move earnestly side-by-side in course, one fitting neatly against the other
And as we move we match in pace, each one an echo of the former
At times ahead, at times behind, at times around, at times within
Imbued with the grace we grant each other
Again… and again… and again…
And again

Through highest highs and lowest lows, together turning in our need
We drink a draught that’s bittersweet, a heady wine of vulnerability and greed
As flame that’s meant to temper us, fills a one-time vacant spread
Perceptions shift and shift again, conveying us to uncharted tread

There’s envy and there’s violence here, in this space we’ve never been
We’re stretched beyond what we can bear, awakened to our ache within
The intensity will break in us the things that make us who we are
Do we turn back? Do we pursue?
Do we drink ’til there’s none left to pour?

But at our core that truth alights, a truth—once known—we can’t deny
That we are dauntless in our flight
Renewed, we race back to the sky.

The featured image for this post is An Amazing Night in Milford by Trey Ratcliff.

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